Let’s be real: there’s no better feeling than when you check your weather app and glimpse a little sun symbol and a temperature above 60 degrees– especially after months of brisk breezes and endlessly rainy weekends. Yup, temperatures are swiftly rising alongside collective anticipation for that warm weather feeling. But this sunshine also seems to invite the perennial fashion dilemma we all face when the seasons shift: What do I wear?! 

For some, dressing in bright hues to match the cheery weather is as intuitive as it is appropriate. For others, however, it’s a bit more of a task to shed the darker and more neutral shades of that classic winter wardrobe and don even a pop of color. If you’re one of those people who’s found yourself on the receiving end of playful criticism regarding your all-black or fully neutral-colored ensemble on a sunny day, don’t groan in despair yet. We’ve got you, girl! We’re of the mindset that a cheery-colored lingerie set can get those good warm weather vibes rolling just as well as what you wear on top of it. 

So, whether you’re looking for a bit of bright color to elevate your closet of neutrals, or whether you’d like for your underwear to match your vibrant outerwear, here’s our picks for colorful spring styles to brighten up your warm weather wardrobe.

Red is one of the trending colors du jour (as reported in Vogue’s roundup of spring 2024 color trends). From bright cherry red to deeper, more romantic hues, styles in this color perfectly capture the heat of the warm weather season. What’s more, wearing red can give you the confidence boost you need to strut down that sunny sidewalk with an extra pep in your step.

The Entice Lace Side Support Balconette Bra in Lipstick Red/Nylon or Minx Balconette Padded Bra in Heartthrob/Rose Dawn are two rose-hued styles that’ll definitely turn the temperature up.

Styles: Entice Lace Side Support Balconette Bra (Lipstick Red/Nylon), Minx Balconette Padded Bra (Heartthrob/Rose Dawn)

Barbie summer may be a thing of the past (cue sad violins), but pink is always, always, always in style. Bright, almost neon pink especially channels that cheery feeling you get during the spring and summer months, imbued with the essence of a succulent fruit or a sweet-scented bloom.

Think pink with the Infatuated Unlined Underwire Bra in Pink Glow or the Impress Floral Lace Balconette Bra in Red Apple/Rose Violet— it doesn’t even have to be Wednesday!

Styles: Infatuated Unlined Underwire Bra (Pink Glow), Impress Floral Lace Balconette Bra (Red Apple/Rose Violet)


Orange is one of those divisive colors— you either hate it or you embrace it in all of its citrusy glory. Either way you sway, however, you can’t deny that orange is the zesty shade that can always wake up a palette. It’s an aperol spritz at a picnic in the park, a sunset at the end of a long, blissful day. Get orange in your style rotation to give your wardrobe that bit of tang it might be missing.

Try the Entice Lace Balconette Bra in Marigold/Nylon or the Minx Lace Balconette Bra in Summer Coral/Jubilee to quench your thirst for something fresh and fun.

Styles: Entice Lace Balconette Bra (Marigold/Nylon), Minx Lace Balconette Bra (Summer Coral/Jubilee)

Buttery, creamy yellow may be all the rage recently, but there’s always a place for its more vibrant, sunshiny relatives on the color wheel. Bright yellow can make you feel as radiant as a full-strength sun, as lively as a fresh flower in its element. With this color in your arsenal, you’ll always glow from the inside out.

Opt for the Dare Dot Plunge Unlined Bra and Dare Dot Mesh Lace Thong for a matching set of luminous lingerie.

Styles: Dare Dot Plunge Unlined Bra & Dare Dot Mesh Lace Thong (Limeade)

Nothing screams “spring” more than green, right? Verdant hues represent growth, life at its very peak, vitality that cannot be matched. From more muted mints that soothe the mind like that very first, refreshing cup of tea in the morning, to emerald greens that prove diamonds aren’t the only stone that can dazzle, wearing these earth-tones can keep you grounded while elevating your spirit.

They say the grass is greener on the other side, but you really can’t go wrong with picking the Valentine Lacey Babydoll in Jewel Green, the Goddess Plunge T-Shirt Bra in Sparkling Aqua, or the Entice Lace Balconette Bra in Seafoam/Nylon. It might just be what you need to confidently bloom into the best version of yourself.

Styles: Valentine Lacey Babydoll (Jewel Green), Goddess Plunge T-Shirt Bra (Sparkling Aqua), Entice Lace Balconette Bra (Seafoam/Nylon)

We’re not feeling blue about these hues. In fact, styles in this color have us hearing that call of the coast, the sound of the sea. Such a tranquil color, blue is a great option to keep your mind and body cool and soothed on a warm day. It’s the color of calm ocean, of a clear sky– essentially, warm weather in one tranquil tint.

Feel like skipping spring altogether and leaping into summer? Try the Spellbound Sheer Side Support Bra in our Pool Party Combo or Blue Nile/Light Pink to get those poolside, big blue vibes going wherever you are. Or, pick up the Passion Mesh Unlined Underwire Bra in True Blue/Eclipse to chase those clouds away and welcome clear skies ahead. 

Styles: Passion Mesh Unlined Underwire Bra (True Blue/Eclipse), Spellbound Sheer Side Support Bra (Pool Party Combo), Spellbound Sheer Side Support Bra (Blue Nile/Light Pink)


Rounding out the rainbow, purple is last but certainly not least. From dainty, trendy pastels like lilacs and lavenders, to lush, grape-colored shades, purple provides a dreamy, ethereal, and graceful touch of color when incorporated into one’s warm weather wardrobe. Purple is the natural mystery of wisteria in bloom at the peak of spring, the sunset reflected off the ocean’s waves, a luscious sun-ripened plum plucked straight from the branch and sitting in the palm of your hand. 

And since they say purple is the color of royalty, why not treat yourself like the queen you are to styles like the Paradise Floral Lace Bra in Sweet Plum Combo, Obsessed Lace Trim Babydoll & Thong in Lily/White, or the Minx Lace Balconette Bra in Grappa/Lipstick Red. Bask in your own majesty and lean into this luxurious color all throughout the warm weather season. 

Styles: Paradise Floral Lace Bra (Sweet Plum Combo), Obsessed Lace Trim Babydoll & Thong Set (Lily/White), Minx Lace Balconette Bra (Grappa/Lipstick Red)

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