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What is a Push Up Bra?

A push up bra creates a fuller, more sculpted appearance by lifting the breasts upwards and together. The engineering of a push up bra relies on padding or underwire at the base or side of the cups to give this effect. For small busts, push up bras are particularly beneficial as they add volume and create a more pronounced cleavage. They work exceptionally well under plunging necklines, tight-fitting tops, and dresses, providing not only aesthetic enhancement but also added confidence.

Types of Push Up Bras to Consider

Find the right push up bra for your needs, two trending styles to consider are:

Push-Up Strapless Bra: Perfect for one-shoulder or strapless ensembles, the push-up strapless bra brings the classic push-up lift without the hassle of straps. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or slipping into a summer dress, this bra ensures your outfit remains sleek and uninterrupted, while still offering the necessary support and enhancement. A favorite style of bra for brides!

Push-Up Bralette: The push-up bralette merges the relaxed fit of a bralette with the boost of a push-up. This style is superb for integrating into your daily wardrobe. The push-up bralette features plush fabrics and serves as a chic underlayer visible under breezy tanks or semi-buttoned shirts. Ideal for adding a touch of flair to your casual outfits. 

As you delve into the selections of sexy lingerie, don't forget to match your chosen bra with our gorgeous women's panties. This combination ensures a polished and comfortable ensemble that’s as appealing as it is functional.

Push Up Bra Fitting Tips

Measuring for a push up bra is crucial to ensure optimal support and comfort. Push up bras should offer a snug fit without causing discomfort or altering your posture. They are designed to provide more lift and shaping compared to full coverage bras, which offer more overall support but less enhancement. Common fitting issues include spilling out of the cups or the band riding up your back, which typically indicate a need for a different size or style. By choosing the right fit, you can maximize the benefits of your push up bra and enjoy a beautiful silhouette with every wear.