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Bra Style Guide

Bra Types & Styles

Finding the right bra can often feel overwhelming, but understanding the various bra shapes and brassiere types can make the process much smoother. There's truly a style for every body type, breast shape, and personal preference. Dive into our guide to discover the diverse range of bras and how to choose the perfect one for your unique figure.


A bra shape designed with cups to lift and support the bust, creating a flattering and uplifted look. This style is known for its wider neckline, making it a great choice to wear with lower-cut or square-neck tops and dresses.


A lightweight, soft, and typically unstructured bra style. Their designs resemble cropped tops or lingerie pieces that can be visible under sheer or low-cut clothing, often meant to be shown off as part of an outfit. They generally offer more comfort and versatility for all bust sizes.


Designed with a deep V-shaped neckline at the center front, with cups cut lower between the breasts, creating a more dramatic and deeper plunge compared to traditional bras. Plunge bras are usually worn with clothing that has low-cut necklines, allowing the bra to remain discreet while providing support and shaping to the bust.


Designed to lift and enhance the appearance of the bust, giving the illusion of fuller bust and more cleavage. Push-up bras typically have an underwire for additional support and shaping.

Side Support

A side support bra, also known as a side sling bra or a side panel bra, is designed to provide additional support and shaping to the sides of the breasts. Side support bras feature extra fabric or panels on the sides of the cups.


Specifically designed without shoulder straps, allowing it to be worn comfortably under clothing with no visible straps. These bras use specialized construction techniques to provide support and stay in place without the aid of straps over the shoulders.


The T-shirt bra is designed to be smooth, seamless, and virtually invisible under fitted clothing, particularly T-shirts or other thin and form-fitting tops. It's crafted with seamless cups and a smooth, molded design that prevents visible lines or bumps, creating a seamless silhouette under clothing.


This bra includes semi-circular, rigid wires, typically made of metal or plastic, sewn into the underside of the bra cups. These wires are positioned under the breasts, following the natural curve of the bust. The primary purpose of the underwire is to provide additional support, lift, and shaping to the breasts.


This is a soft-cup bra or wire-free bra, that doesn't contain the usual underwire support. Wireless bras rely on alternative support structures such as wider bands, strategic seaming, reinforced fabric, or innovative materials to provide support and shaping to the bust. These bras are often designed for comfort and a more relaxed and natural feel.

How to Measure Bra Size

How to fit for a Balconette Bra

Use a soft measuring tape to measure your underbust (right under your bust) for the band size and the fullest part of your bust for the cup size.

How to fit for a Strapless Bra

Just like with a regular bra, measure your band size by wrapping the measuring tape around your underbust. Ensure it's snug but not too tight. Measure the fullest part of your bust for the cup size.

How to fit for a T-Shirt Bra

Use a soft measuring tape to measure your underbust for the band size and the fullest part of your bust for the cup size. This helps to determine the right size for the t-shirt bra.