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Find Your Perfect Fit Now

Identifying your breast shape is key to finding bras that make you look and feel your best. Comfortable bras go beyond size because choosing the right style for your breast shape will give you the best support. Use the images and descriptions below to identify your breast shape.


Round Breasts

For this breast shape, which is round and full at the top and bottom, focus on support and coverage. The best choices are T-shirt bras, balconette, and plunge styles.

Bell Shape Breasts

A full cup bra with underwire for narrow on top, round on bottom breasts offers support and lift for a balanced look

Tear Drop Breasts

Pancake Boobs got you down? If you have never heard of cut & sew bras or side support bras, these are styles that have 2 to 3 seams that are specially designed to lift your breasts pulling them front and center. BTW, you can look 10 lbs thinner too!

Asymmetric Breasts

Did you know most women are bigger on one side? A T-shirt bra can visually reduce that difference with something like a full coverage smoothing T-shirt bra. You could even purchase a bra pad to fill out the other side.

Slender Breasts

Your breasts may be longer, more narrow and pointing down but a seamed bra like a cut & sew with 2-3 parts will give you the shape you want to look more uplifted because of the structure.

Shallow Breasts

If you have lost breast tissue a the top or have pancake boobs like some of us, then cut & sew, seamed bras are perfect for you. These styles are designed to lift your breast tissue like a push-up bra.

East West Breasts

Do your breasts point to the side instead of forward? Then you would benefit from a cut & sew bra, side support bra, or a spacer t-shirt bra. These bras are designed to pull your breast tissue front and center giving you a more flattering look.

Close-set Breasts

Stay away from Plunge bras if your breasts sit close together. In order to achieve the separation you desire, try full coverage padded bras to give you a more rounder shape with separation.

Wide-set Breasts

Often with broad shoulders, wide-set breasts sit more to the side of your chest with a wider separation in the middle. Spacer bras are great for giving you a center pull lift as well as side support bras pulling your tissue more forward.

How to Know Your Bra Fits Properly?

Just like falling in love, you'll know. Your breasts will be in the right place and look just how you want. You'll feel supported and pain-free. When everything fits perfectly, you won't even notice your bra. You'll feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on the day.