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Skarlett Blue Bras & Underwear

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Skarlett Blue was founded in 2014 by a team of women designers who felt there was a void in the market for beautiful lingerie that had the quality and fit to match the price point.

Our design process is unique because we create as a collective. We are inspired by different ideas and perspectives, continually growing, challenging, and learning from each other. Women creating for and with women.

Coming from diverse backgrounds and bringing to the process a mélange of personalities, the design team came together in NYC with one thing in common: a love for lingerie. Drawing inspiration from the fashion capitals of the world with a special nostalgia for Paris, the team embarked on the journey to create a line that captured the romance and red-hot aura of Paris with the electric-cool vibe of New York. Combining colors to celebrate our two favorite cities, the name Skarlett Blue was born.