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What is a Bralette?

A bralette features an absence of structured cups and underwire, providing a natural shape with light support.  Ideal for those who prioritize comfort over high support, bralette bras typically feature soft fabrics, delicate designs, and effortless wearability. Ensuring a proper fit means choosing a bralette that doesn't pinch or bunch, with straps that sit comfortably without digging into the shoulders. For those needing additional support, Skarlett Blue offers options that blend the soft allure of bralettes with the uplifting features of traditional bras. Explore our demi or full-coverage bras and discover styles that offer more support,

How to Style a Bralette Top

Bralettes are not just lingerie; they are fashion statements that can stand alone as tops and layered pieces. Read our tips for styling your bralettes for the best, chic look.

Black Bralette Outfits: 

Perfect for a night out or a casual day, black bralettes serve as a sleek, understated base. Pair with a high-waisted skirt or under a blazer for an edgy, sophisticated ensemble.

White Bralette Style Tips: 

Ideal for bridal events or summer parties, white bralettes embody purity and elegance. Coordinate with light, flowing garments for a soft, romantic vibe suitable for any bride-to-be or fashion-forward event attendee. Explore our white bra collection for more inspiration.

Nude Bralettes for Different Skin Tones: 

Choosing the right shade of nude enhances your natural silhouette while remaining discreet under sheer or light-colored clothing. Select a tone that closely matches your skin for the most seamless look.

Bralette under Sheer Tops: 

To achieve a daring yet tasteful appearance, pair a bralette under sheer tops. This combination allows for modesty while showcasing the bralette's intricate details. Find more inspiration in our lace bras collection.

Who Should Wear Bralettes?

Bralettes are wonderfully versatile, suitable for various body types but particularly favored by those with smaller to average bust sizes due to their light support nature. They offer enough support for relaxed comfort while still enhancing the body's natural shape. Comparatively, bralettes provide a softer, more relaxed feel than the structured support of a regular t-shirt bra, making them perfect for everyday wear where comfort is key. For individuals with fuller busts or DD+ sizes, seeking a bralette with padding or more structured support can provide both the desired aesthetics and necessary support. Dive into the soft, embracing world of bralettes to discover a blend of fashion-forward design and unparalleled comfort.