Have you ever walked into a lingerie boutique and learned from the fit specialists that you’re wearing the wrong bra size!? To avoid this, the answer is measuring for yourself in the comfort of your home on a monthly basis. Although doing so doesn’t seem like a one-woman’s job and possibly daunting to say the least, this measuring guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to find your perfectly fitted bra. 

Be Your Own Bra Fit Expert

Taking the extra steps to stay in touch with yourself and to get to know your body is a part of your journey towards confidence. Often, we try to avoid calculating and comparing ourselves with numbers. The truth is… wearing your true size is far more important than getting concerned about fluctuating in your cup or band size. You are becoming proactive with styling to flatter YOU. Not only do we believe finding the right bra size is self-improving, it is also crucial to maximize breast support and eliminate riding, pulling, spillage, and other issues that hinder your comfortability. So break out your measuring tape; it’s about to get real. Let’s get fitted! 

How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home in 5 Easy Steps 

Step 1: First thing’s first. You’ll want to start wearing a non-padded and non-minimizing bra to ensure you’re getting as exact measurements as possible.   

Step 2: Simply wrap the tape around your rib cage where the band of your bra would hit. Make sure the tape is snug and level! Then in inches, round to the nearest whole number. Example: You measured 31 inches, your band size equals 32 inches!

Step 3: Now for the bust measurement, pull the tape around the fullest part of your chest.  Example: You measured 38 inches. 

Step 4: Next, use the following chart to determine your cup size!  Subtract step 3’s measurement from step 2’s measurement. Example: 38 inches subtracted by 32 inches equals 6. According to the chart, your difference of 6 shows your cup size is equal to a DDD cup.  

Step 3’s measurement - step 2’s measurement= the difference 

Difference (in inches)
7" 8"
 Cup Size


Step 5: Lastly, combine your band size (step 2’s measurement) with the cup size you found in step 4. Ex: You wear a 32DDD! 

Band size + Cup size = Bra size  

*FIT TIP For the ultimate comfort, go up a size

Now that you have your measurements, you can use our Size Guide to find your perfect Skarlett Blue size.