At Skarlett Blue, we believe that there’s a bra for every occasion. Every. Single. One. Even the days when the just idea of putting on a traditional bra sends a shiver down your spine. We all have ‘em.

Enter the bralette: the perfect style to ward off the wire-and-padding ick we all occasionally get.

Yup, bralettes are truly a girl’s best friend when it comes to comfort and style. But what really is a bralette and when can it trump your classic ol’ bra? We’ve got all the answers right here.

Knowing the Difference

Styles shown (left to right): Dare Dot Plunge Unlined Bra (Black), Dare Dot Plunge Bralette (Black)

What’s the real difference between a typical bra and a bralette?

Well, styles like balconette, push-up, and strapless bras all have at least one or all three of these elements in common: 1.) cups, 2.) an underwire, and 3.) an adjustable band. These elements make the more structured styles your go-tos for supporting, shaping, and lifting your breasts. Looking to add some extra lift and a little more oomph when wearing a low-cut top? A balconette or push-up bra is your best bet. Trying to get that ultra-smoothing effect under a tight top? A classic t-shirt bra has you covered. 

Meanwhile, the bralette is a more lightweight, less structured style that is unlined or lightly lined and wireless. Most also have stretchy elastic or lace bands. This makes bralettes the perfect option for those more laidback days, when support can take a backseat to comfort. Heading to your local café on your WFH day? Maybe all you need is a bralette. Getting ready to spend a ten-hour flight bundled in a sweatsuit? A bralette can add a delicate touch to your comfy travel ensemble and will save you the pain of trying to sleep with an underwire.

Styles shown (left to right): Dare Dot Plunge Bralette (Black), Paradise Busty Bralette (Black Combo)

HOWEVER, as much as bralettes might be known for their lightweight comfort, they aren’t only for those lazy days when wearing a real bra feels like a chore. In fact, bralettes are typically meant to be the star of the show, often worn in lieu of a crop top or under sheer/low-cut clothing to show off the delicate and ornamental details. A bralette can give your breezy vacation wardrobe that extra something it was missing. It can also be a pitch perfect addition to your music festival attire.

Styles shown: Dare Dot Plunge Bralette (Black), Goddess Busty Bralette (Black)

Versatile, comfy, and absolutely gorgeous, bralettes really are that girl. Read on to see which Skarlett Blue picks you’ll want to immediately add to your cart and start off your summer in style and comfort. 

Shop the Dare Dot Plunge Bralette in Black and White here.

The Dare Dot Plunge Bralette is truly an outfit-maker. With its on-trend sheer mesh and delicate floral lace trim, this bralette makes a statement when worn as a standalone top and is still comfortable enough to wear to bed or to hermit with a good book. Hey, you contain multitudes– and so does this bralette. 

Shop the Goddess T-Back Busty Bralette in Cashmere, Light Pink, and Picante here.

Talk about range and versatility: the Goddess T-Back Busty Bralette comes in five (yes, FIVE) different colors. From basics like Black and Cashmere, to more vibrant hues like red hot Picante and cool Sparkling Aqua, there’s a Goddess Busty Bralette for every ‘fit check. Oh, and did we mention that it has extra-supportive wide straps and elastics and uber-soft fabric? If there was ever such a thing as a super bralette, this would be it.

Shop the Paradise Busty Bralette in Black Combo and Romance Combo here.

The Paradise Busty Bralette is anything but basic. Covered in floral embroidery and allover stretch lace, this bralette will have you blossoming into your natural beauty. Wear it to amplify your at-home sense of sexy (throw in the matching garter belt while you’re at it) or dress it up for a night on the town– this style is always, always in bloom. 

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