Here’s what you need to know about the classic, sultry look that’ll have you living the cinematic summer of your dreams. 

What is “Sophia Loren Summer”?

The Aesthetic


Proposed as a natural follow-up to this winter’s “mob wife” trend by TikTok user The Sweet Paisana, the “Sophia Loren Summer” aesthetic takes inspiration from the iconic Italian actress’s real-life glamor and on-screen romance. It embodies the free-spirited, fun-loving feeling of a coastal Italian getaway and the picturesque passion of your favorite films. Whether you’re exploring the hills of Tuscany on a Vespa ride, tanning aboard a boat in Positano, or are simply wishing to channel that vibe this summer season, this look will have you feeling like the leading lady that you are. 

The Essentials

Sophia Loren’s summer style is as timeless as it is sultry and chic. So, a perennially pretty dress is an absolute must. Go for a sweetheart neckline, cinched waist, and a full A-line skirt to create a flirty, feminine, and (most importantly) flattering silhouette that you’ll definitely want to capture on camera. White is a classic, summery choice, but bright, bold colors like red and floral prints are definitely not out of the question when it comes to channeling Sophia’s iconic style. House of CB and Reformation particularly have some dress options that are perfect for living la dolce vita.

In terms of accessories, give your ensemble a retro touch by reaching for the classic duo of cat eye sunglasses and a printed silk or satin scarf. Top it off with gold accessories and a romantic red lip, and you’re ready to take the silver screen by storm.

Sophia Loren is not only the epitome of sex appeal, but the number one advocate for owning your sexiness and being proud of the beauty and body that your life experiences have bestowed upon you. We at Skarlett Blue share this sentiment wholeheartedly, so we’ve included a lacy lingerie set (like our Impress Floral Lace Balconette Bra and Goddess Lace Trim Thong) as a Sophia Loren summer essential. Because lace isn’t just for special occasions– it’s for accentuating the natural allure that you live in, for highlighting the beauty that lives in your soul and “reflects in your eyes.” Read on for some of the best picks on the Skarlett Blue site that’ll have you set for Sophia Loren summer.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” - Sophia Loren

Get the Look With Skarlett Blue

Enamoured Tattoo Lace Balconette Bra

Style shown: Enamoured Tattoo Lace Balconette Bra (Lipstick Red Combo)

This romantic, flirty, floral style checks all the boxes for Sophia Loren summer style.

Entice Lace Side Support Balconette Bra

Styles shown: Entice Lace Side Support Balconette Bra (Lipstick Red/Nylon), Entice Front Lace Thong (Lipstick Red/Nylon), Entice Lace Garter (Lipstick Red/Nylon), Entice Lace Balconette Bra (Black/Nylon), Entice Front Lace Thong (Black/Nylon)

For lace that is as iconic as Ms. Sophia Loren, try the Entice Lace Side Support Balconette Bra or the Entice Lace Balconette Bra. You can even level up the sexiness by adding the Entice Lace Garter. 

Goddess Plunge T-Shirt Bra

Style shown: Goddess Plunge T-Shirt Bra (Black), Goddess Lace Trim Thong (Black)

Comfy? Check. Convertible? Check. Sweet, sultry, with an air of mystery? Absolutely check.

Minx Lace Balconette Bra

Styles shown: Minx Lace Balconette Bra (Black), Minx Lace Trim Thong (Black)

You can’t go wrong with this Skarlett Blue favorite. Its unmatched comfort and dainty, feminine details make it perfect for a carefree summer straight off the silver screens. 

Entice Balconette Lace Bodysuit

Style shown: Entice Balconette Lace Bodysuit (Black)

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we think this one says it all. The Entice Balconette Lace Bodysuit really smooths your curves for that bombshell effect.

Dare Dot Plunge Unlined Bra

Style shown: Dare Dot Plunge Unlined Bra (Black), Dare Dot Mesh Lace Thong (Black) 

With soft support and sheer, sexy coverage, the Dare Dot Plunge Unlined Bra has the let-loose energy that makes it the perfect Loren-esque vacay bra.

Entice Longline Lace Bra

Style shown: Entice Longline Lace Bra (Black/Nylon), Entice Longline Lace Bra (White/Nylon)

Take the simmering Sophia Loren style to the streets with the comfy and versatile Entice Longline Lace Bra.

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