5 Comfy Essentials to Survive Those Long-Haul Flights & Start Your Vacay Off Right

Here’s a hot take: the outfit you wear on the flight to your vacation destination is just as (if not more) important as the ones you plan to wear during your trip.

Why? Well, think about it. Flights to some of the most bookmarked vacay spots can range in length from five to even ten hours long and beyond. That’s a pretty long time to be uncomfortable if your ensemble isn’t soft, cozy, or breathable enough. It’s also a completely Un fabulous way to kick off a relaxing getaway.


We want you to start your vacation off right. And at Skarlett Blue, we believe that it all begins with having the perfect, comfy foundation to layer underneath your travel ensemble. Without further ado, here are our first-class picks for bras that will keep you looking and feeling fresh all throughout those long-haul flights.

Style shown: Adorned Cotton Plunge WIreless Bra (White), Adorned Cotton Plunge WIreless Bra (Heather Grey/Ivory)


“Comfort” is certainly the top keyword when it comes to choosing a proper travel bra. And no bra does comfort better than the Adorned Cotton Plunge Wireless Bra. No wires equals no problems– especially when you have to angle your body in a super specific way to sit comfortably in that notorious middle seat. Plus, the delicate lace trim on this stretch cotton bralette adds that little bit of elegance that you need to strut through the airport like it’s your runway.

Styles shown: Reign Scoop T-Shirt Bra (Pink Clay), Reign Scoop T-Shirt Bra (Black), Reign Scoop T-Shirt Bra (Romance)


Low-cut and ultra-smooth, the Reign Scoop T-Shirt Bra can slip seamlessly underneath your travel tank, tee, or top of choice. Its stretch modal material will make sure that your in-flight nap goes uninterrupted by itching and chafing. Plus, its darted cups for added lift and super-sweet picot elastic edge will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine when you put it on.

Styles shown: Goddess Bliss Comfort Unlined Bra (Cashmere), Goddess Bliss Comfort Unlined Bra (Light Pink), Goddess Bliss Comfort Unlined Bra (Black)


For all you jet-setters ready to start your vacation on a high, the Goddess Bliss Comfort Unlined Bra hits the mark perfectly between sexy and comfy. Its plunge neckline is perfect for the more bold airport ‘fit you might have planned. And nothing says frequent flier more than the ability to pack smart and pack light, so it's notable that its convertible straps will work under all the tops you have in your suitcase. Add in the iconic (and stretchy!) Goddess lace along the bottom band? Well, we’d say you’re on a one-way flight to success. 

Styles shown: Goddess T-Back Busty Bralette (Cashmere), Goddess T-Back Busty Bralette (Light Pink), Goddess T-Back Busty Bralette (Picante)


If you’re looking for something even more lightweight than an unlined or wireless bra, look no further than the Goddess T-Back Busty Bralette. Bralettes are the ultimate comfort bra, a soft style that has less support than a typical bra but a bit more breathability. You can read more about the unique superpowers of the bralette here. But, really, the sky’s the limit with the Goddess T-Back Bralette. Made for all-day wear, its wider elastics and straps provide extra support while its silky smooth fabric fits almost like a second skin. It’s truly the bralette that’s reaching new heights when it comes to blending comfort and style.

Styles shown: Dare Dot Underwire Plunge Bra (Powder Pink), Dare Dot Underwire Plunge Bra (Dark Flamingo), Dare Dot Underwire Plunge Bra (White)


If wearing a bra on your travel day is almost solely a formality (i.e. you plan on wearing a baggy t-shirt or sweater but still want to boost that confidence to start off your trip), then the Dare Dot Unlined Underwire Plunge Bra is for you. This playful unlined style provides very minimal support and average coverage, but absolutely does not skimp on the fun. In seven bold and neutral colors like Dark Flamingo, Limeade, and classic White, the Dare Dot Unlined Underwire Plunge Bra will make sure that the vibes are top-notch at takeoff and when you land.

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