The Power of a Great Fit: How Bras Can Change Your Outfit and Your Outlook Change Your Bra, Change Your Life? The Power of a Great Fit!

Never underestimate the power of a great-fitting bra. You’ve probably heard a similar sentiment before, but what does it mean? Many women are wearing the wrong size and don’t realize what they are missing out on. The reality is bodies change throughout a lifetime. And breast size fluctuates right along with us. Find out how to empower yourself by understanding your bra size, and you’ll discover how the right fit can change your outfit…and your outlook. 

A Correct Bra Fit Enhances Your Outfit and Attitude

If you’ve never had a bra fitting or haven’t had one in a long time, do yourself a favor and get a professional fitting. Once you get a great fit and find silhouettes that flatter your shape, your clothes will look better and you’ll feel more confident. The right fit has a huge impact on how you feel about your body. You’ll stand taller and love the way your shape looks in everything from white tees with sexy black bras with lace to halter tops with lightly lined strapless bras.

You’ll Figure Out What Bras Look Best with Certain Outfits

You don’t want your bra choices to take away from your outfits. Fortunately, many functional, comfortable, and beautiful bras can coexist peacefully with your wardrobe. When you need a natural lift while wearing a low-cut top or dress, choose a style with a more shallow cup. A balconette bra is a great example of a type of bra that provides lift and shape without completely covering your breasts with fabric. For a seamless look under more form-fitting sweaters, tees, and dresses, you can’t go wrong with t-shirt bras. You can always compare side-by-side with different bra styles to see what looks best.

You’ll Feel More at Ease in Your Clothing and Encouraged to Try New Things

Getting dressed is more fun when you feel comfortable in your intimates. Finding and wearing bras that fit well are essential acts of self-love that you should feel proud to do for yourself. This might even encourage you to wear clothing you’d never wear before because you were worried about how your boobs looked. Or, maybe it will encourage you to try different bra styles with touches of smooth floral lace or sheer, breathable, unlined styles that enhance your natural shape. 

Signs That Your Bra Properly Fits

Once you know your current size and bra preferences, you can check for other signs of a properly-fitting bra. Ideally, you shouldn’t feel annoyed by wearing a bra. You might even forget you’re wearing one.

Here are some signs that your bra fits:

  • There’s no spillage over the top or on the sides of the cups.
  • The band doesn’t slide up the back but instead stays parallel to the floor. This is important as most of your support actually comes from the band, not the straps. 
  • The band fits comfortably across the back, and the straps are snug but not too tight. 
  • The band, straps, and underwires do not dig into your skin.
  • A great bra will naturally lift your breasts without squeezing them.

With all of this information, you can refresh both your intimates and your wardrobe and walk confidently wherever you go.

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