Maybe you don’t remember the prolific Wonderbra; a classic in the world of lingerie and has played a significant role in popularizing push-up bras and enhancing the cleavage.  Maybe you were more of a Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push Up kinda girl.  But as we head into Fall 2023, the push up bra is on the rise again, but not for the reasons you may think. Cleavage aside, more women are gravitating toward the style today because they are seeking more support in everyday bras. With the availability of functional fits and subtle, natural lifts, women are finding more of what they need in contemporary bra styles. It isn’t so much about your breasts falling out of your cups or cleavage up to your chin.  It’s about maximizing the right bra for the right outfit and sometimes that calls for a push up bra.  Find out six reasons push-up bras are making their way back into our lives. 

Contemporary Styles Offer a Natural Lift 

The padded, underwired, and structured push-up bras from the past hoisted everything up and together, creating a shelf-like look. Today’s push-up styles are designed to naturally enhance curves instead of distorting them. The push-up bras women love wearing now offer a subtle, non-squeezing lift, are easy to wear, enhance your cleavage, and provide everyday support. 


It’s the Best Bra for Pendulous Shapes

Women with pendulous breasts want supportive bras that also give their breasts lift and shape. There are plenty of beautiful bras that support relaxed boobs. A push-up t-shirt bra is a great example. This style may have soft foam push-up pads and seamless cups for lightweight lift and everyday support. Convertible straps that can be worn crisscrossed in the back are also a great option.  Another lesser-known style is the side support bra by Skarlett Blue.  This is a 3 or 4 part cut and sewn bra that has seams designed to bring your breasts front and center.  By doing so, your breast tissue is pulled from under your armpits giving you a more flattering narrow look.  If you ask us, you also look 10 lbs. thinner!


Statement-Making Innerwear as Outerwear Is On-Trend

By showcasing lingerie as a versatile and stylish centerpiece, you can create a look that makes your bra the focal point and not just a first layer of clothing. Whether it’s for a cozy day at home or for the city streets, a sexy push-up bra or a beautiful lace balconette bra with seamed cups and side support both offer a lovely open neckline—perfect for showing off. Pair your favorite push-up bra with a blazer or your go-to leather jacket and hit the streets. At home, cozy up with a cardigan or classic white button-up for some time indoors.


You Don’t Want to Rip It Off as Soon as You Get Home 

You know you’ve found a good underwire bra when it lifts your breasts to a natural-looking height, and when you don’t want to take it off first thing when you get home from work. Whether you like the look of a naturally curve-enhancing side support bra or a padded underwire push-up style, you can get the perfect amount of lift and support you need to feel and look your best. 


Push-Ups Are the ‘Return to Date Night’ Bra 

Return to date night, return to the office, return to sexy—whatever you want to call it—many people are returning to something they feel they may have lost in early 2020. For some, it’s bras. Thankfully, underwired bras and push-up bras are back in a big way. Do you have one in your closet for date night or your next big event? Don’t be caught unprepared. 


Ultimately, It’s About You

Date night aside, many find that push-up bras give the support and look they’re after for everyday wear (also, bras that boost cleavage just so happen to boost confidence). It’s not about keeping up with trends but about deciding what you want to wear when you reach into your lingerie drawer. Choosing bras that make you feel beautiful and supported is an empowering decision.


Skarlett Blue