As COVID-19 continues to pervade lives worldwide, we want to do what we can to stand as an optimistic beam of light in the darkness and support our community, our customers, and all those affected by the pandemic.

So, as a brand rooted within the heart of New York City, Skarlett Blue has donated KN95 professional masks to Mount Sinai Hospital in effort to support those brave people on the frontlines doing the essential and necessary work of saving and protecting lives on the daily.

We are also extending our support to you. For every purchase made on, we are providing a mask for free to help keep you and others safe during this exceptionally wearisome and difficult time - a one-time use mask, 3 ply, valid for two years. With the CDC recommending the use of masks across the board, we want to help make it easy for all of our customers to play however simple yet crucial a role you have in this new shared responsibility.

The masks are on a first come first serve basis as only a limited quantity is available.

We offer our deepest thanks to everyone combatting this crisis head-on: health care workers, first responders, grocery store workers, transit workers, and all those who are putting their lives at risk in service of the greater good of all people. You keep our reality afloat through this deluge. If we all continue to stand united armored in a shared practice of caution and optimism, we believe that we will emerge from this fight together and even stronger than before.



The Skarlett Blue Team