How to Embrace Iconic Italian Fashion with Skarlett Blue’s Lingerie

Is your social feed filled with striped beach umbrellas from Sicily? It’s no wonder, with the HBO smash hit “The White Lotus’ #hotgirlsummer is now #italiansummer.  The Italian coast girl style is taking the spotlight in summer fashion, and for good reason lingerie is no exception. Contemporary lingerie designs tend to take on the essence of the world’s fashion capitals. Paris, New York City, London, and Milan come to mind.

If you’re paying particular attention to the Italian girl aesthetic right now, you’ll see that innovative lingerie brands reflect the latest in fashion. Characterized by timeless elegance and classic styles like the balconette bra, you can embody this aesthetic by emulating the Italian basics of lingerie: comfort and beauty.

Here is how you can harness your inner #tomatogirlsummer Italian girl aesthetic with lingerie, #ladolcevita !

 Tomato Girl Summer Looks

A Craving for Lace

From bodysuits to balconette bras, it’s easy to fall in love with fresh lace. Skarlett Blue’s signature laced bra styles are beautiful and bold with a delicate touch. Soft floral lace cups with intricate details are featured in a variety of bra styles and colors, from side support to wireless bralettes. Pair with matching lace panties to complete your first layer. Lace intimates are perfect for capturing your summer glow and Italian girl vibe.

Timeless Appeal

Soft, neutral colors, including black, have a timeless feel and are a staple in Italian wardrobes. But a bright pop of color or a bold pattern in an effortless silhouette are also in the mix. That’s the secret—effortless looks that always appear chic. For a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe, browse Skarlett Blue’s beautiful collection of essential black bras made with mesh, lace, microfiber, or sheer fabrics. Also take a peek at the bold, beautiful colors of the season, including sparkling aqua or pink lavender.

Sensual and Self-Loving

The beauty of lingerie is that it’s for you. It helps you feel confident and beautiful even when no one is watching. You have the power to feel exceptional in lingerie, not just on special occasions—but every day. Lingerie is a natural part of your everyday essentials, something that’s both beautiful and wearable. Italian women know this concept well. The classic and feminine shape of a balconette bra from Skarlett Blue is not only beautiful to look at with sexy details, but it’s also functional for your daily life.

Blending Comfort and Aesthetics

All too often, comfort is at the edge of fashion, if it’s there at all. But a beautiful bra with lace, embroidery, and mesh should also feel comfortable to wear. With Skarlett Blue, you can have it all. Skarlett Blue’s team of women designers has an uncompromising commitment to feel-good fits, offering bra sizes 28-40 A-H. The brand uses a variety of soft, breathable fabrics in its collections of bras, panties, bodysuits, and loungewear. Embrace your femininity like Italian
girls do—just do it your way.

Embrace the Italian Girl Aesthetic—Starting with Your Lingerie
How to Embody the Italian Girl Aesthetic with Lingerie

Nowadays, we get access to styles from all around the world. One of the most trending is the Italian girl aesthetic—and for good reason. Characterized by timeless elegance and classic styles like the balconette bra, you can embody this aesthetic by emulating the Italian basics of lingerie: comfort and beauty. Here is how you can harness your inner Italian girl aesthetic with lingerie.

The Beautiful Bones of Italian Girl Style

Just like the foundation of a house, your lingerie is the foundation of your style—the bare, beautiful bones to build your look. So, what makes up the foundation of the Italian girl aesthetic with lingerie?

Simple, Timeless Colors
The color scheme is one of the most significant contrasts between Italian and American styles. Bold and bright colors often characterize American lingerie, while Italian lingerie embraces more neutral colors, like white, beige, and black bras. These delicate colors have a timeless aura and work well underneath virtually any outfit.

Low-Maintenance Beauty
What low-maintenance really means here is that your lingerie should be easy to wear. Putting on your lingerie in the morning shouldn’t feel like a puzzle. Simple, pared-down silhouettes are very popular in Italy and are a staple in an Italian girl’s closet. Make your intimates work for you.

Intricate Lace
Something about lace always makes us feel amazing in our own skin. Lace is such an elegant accessory to any piece of clothing, but especially your intimates. Italian style embraces lace to accentuate the sensuality of lingerie—pared-down silhouettes in neutral colors stunningly showcase lace.

Bodysuits Are a Must-Have

Italian women have really embraced the bodysuit as a lovely and practical piece of lingerie. Bodysuits are versatile and can elevate your style with just one piece of clothing. But more than that, they are as hot as Italian cobblestones in summer. Sheer bodysuits are getting a lot of attention for accentuating the female form and giving an edge to your everyday ensemble—so if you want to embrace the Italian girl aesthetic, work bodysuits into your everyday looks.

Lingerie as an Everyday Essential

The concept of lingerie in many places is seen as something more for special occasions. This is part of the reason you see so many bold colors and different designs. But with the Italian girl aesthetic, lingerie is considered an everyday essential. Therefore, you’ll see a lot of unlined underwire bra styles and balconettes in Italy than in other countries. The key is finding the perfect balance between everyday comfort and something genuinely beautiful.

About Skarlett Blue
Skarlett Blue offers chic, contemporary lingerie for all women who seek feel-good functional fits. The brand’s feminine details and innovative designs are equally inspired by the cool, chic vibe of NYC and the red-hot passion of Paris. Shop for a range of beautiful styles you’re sure to fall in love with. Intricate lace details and soft fabrics are signature features of lingerie from Skarlett Blue. Every piece honors your most intimate hours and is designed for everyday
comfort and special occasions alike. Discover flattering fits designed for the curves of your life in sizes 28-40 A-H. From unlined underwire bras to comfortable bralettes to cotton and mesh panties, discover what it feels like to wear lingerie you can live in.

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