Summer is officially here! The sun is out, our spirits are high, and everyone’s showing off their true, and truly beautiful, colors. And we don’t just mean that glow-y tan that you worked on for hours at the beach. It’s during summer that all of your vivid, vibrant clothing pieces come alive, charged with the optimism of the season, beginning with the rainbow-hued celebration of positivity, acceptance, and uniqueness that is Pride Month. As we soak in the sun and revel in the good vibes of each person living their best and most fulfilling lives, we toss on our brightest and most colorful ensembles to reflect our lightened moods. And maybe it works the other way, too. Color psychology suggests that colors can impact your mood and behaviors! So, wearing bright pink not only reflects your happiness at the beach, summer night soirees, and celebratory drinks with friends, it might also act as a signal to your mind for that mood-boost that you feel! Either way, we’re of the mindset that the vibrancy need not stop at just your outer layers. Why be the picture of prismatic glory on the outside and have the same, boring, dull T-Shirt bra that you wear during the sleepiest of winter days underneath it all? Let the celebration extend to your lingerie, the closest item to your heart and your own personal way of asserting your confidence in yourself, of yourself, and, most importantly, for yourself. Here are our Skarlett Blue picks for vibrant lingerie to brighten up your warm-weather wardrobe and make merry with the summer season in style!

Entice Balconette Bra in Coral Glow/Terra Cotta

With a name like “Coral Glow,” you just know that this bra is meant to catch some golden rays on the sunniest of days. Beachside, perhaps? Plus, the unlined lace cups of Entice make it light enough to be one of your go-to’s when the humidity is reaching an all-time high.

Entice Balconette Bra in Pink Glow/Gleam

Ah yes, another Entice. Because who can resist its sweet, versatile pull? It’s the same delicate lightness in another refreshing color! This pink, berry-tone hue is serving us major ice-pop vibes, like a delectable treat that’s a midsummer night’s dream come true.

Infatuated Unlined Underwire Bra in Pink Glow

With its geo-star lace, Infatuated is the perfect pick for a summer day-to-night look. Think picnicking in the park when the sun is out to play and then star-gazing at night under a clear, sparkling sky. We’ve got the full narrative of your day, starting here.

Entice Balconette Bra in Retro Mint/Terra Cotta

Cool-tones are always welcome when the temperature’s rising into the high nineties. Our Entice in Retro Mint is sure to help you keep that cool-girl energy going for your calmest and freshest Hot Girl Summer yet. Because the heat is just an excuse for you to show off how truly chill you really are.

Minx Balconette Bra in Sapphire/Gleam

While it’s one of the deeper-hued options on this list, our Minx Balconette Bra in Sapphire/Gleam is still undoubtedly a summer staple. This Skarlett Blue online favorite will give you comfort from when you catch that early summer sunrise until you’re sitting in the peaceful aftermath of a day well-spent among friends. Who knows, the inviting gem-tone blue might even inspire a late-night swim under the moon.

Entice Balconette Bra in Vervain/Nylon

The last (but not least) Entice on this list! This pick’s flowery shade of lavender will have you yearning for a field to dance through, music swelling, mid-day summer sun shining down and completing the entire scene. It’s just that kind of color.

Minx Balconette Bra in Lavendula/Limeade

Oh, how we wish we could gulp down this colorway in a tall, refreshing glass. With its flirty lavender and eye-catching green accents, this Minx is the perfect sweet and sour option for drawing them in and leaving them wanting more. The secret recipe? A handful of lavendula, a few cups of limeade, and a never-ending supply of confidence.


June 22, 2021 — Skarlett Blue