Skarlett Blue Influencer Highlight: 6 Black Influencers to Follow and Support

Tabetha @babytaby @babytaby wearing Glimpse Multi-Way Push-Up Bra

Combining the awe-inspiring might expected of an Equinox certified fitness trainer with a B.S. in Public Relations, Tabetha is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Between her training page (@tabtrains_) where she posts fitness and nutritional tips and her personal page filled with empowering messages of natural beauty (@babytaby), Tabetha exemplifies the true beauty of femininity that is both sexy and strong. She has compiled several resources on the site linked in her bio that can aid in your education and support of the Black Lives Matter movement through petitions, articles, and directories.

Jaye @mylifeasjaye @mylifeasjaye wearing Rogue Multi-Way Low Back Bustier

Jaye Young is a South Carolina native whose influence extends from being the subject of photography to being behind the camera herself. Part of a powerful sister team with Adrienna Young, Jaye is as a fashion photographer and creative director specializing in unique portraiture and handcrafted couture exhibited on their shared website Both she and her sister have a combined trifecta of education in business management, communications, and design, which they have used to propel their business forward in stunning works of tranquil imagery. Her Instagram spotlights images that voice the true poignancy and necessity of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lisa @lisacharlene_ @lisacharlene_ wearing Rogue Multi-Way Low Back Bustier

Both fashion model and licensed fitness instructor, Lisa has been printed in magazines such as the alternative fashion publication of Femme Rebelle and the French fashion and beauty name of Malvie. She is also the founder of Charlene Fitness (@charlenefitness_), her fitness brand designed for group resistance training and calisthenics workouts based in Springfield, NJ. On her Instagram she has provided details for a one hour stand in Maplecrest Park, NJ entitled “Our Lives Our Culture” to empower the oppressed through unity and peace.

Tiffany Nichols @tiffanynicholsdesign @tiffanynicholsdesign wearing Breathless Multi-Way Push-Up Bra

Tiffany Nichols is the mind behind Tiffany Nichols Design, a natural hair, beauty, and fashion platform based in Houston. Tiffany is a beauty content creator dedicated to the empowerment, education, and promotion of natural hair through her Instagram and through fashion videos on her YouTube channel TiffanyNicholsDesign where she covers everything from her daily workout routine to hair tutorials to vlogs of her life. Her brand glimmers with the confidence that comes with true, natural beauty.

Uche @unwosu @unwosu

Uche is a fashion and lifestyle influencer born and raised in Michigan whose influence extends far past the Midwest to include both Los Angeles and New York as well. Featured on the MTV dating series Are You the One? Uche has since started a YouTube channel with her boyfriend Clinton, appropriately name CLUCHE in reference to their relationship. Along with her status as a followed public figure for her style and travel tips, she is also a working model living her truth in LA. On her Instagram she has provided her personal insight and experience as a black woman and has linked the website to the Grassroots Law Project in her stories to help educate and highlight a way in which all people can help bring about necessary social change.

Alexis Marie @mariakills_ @mariakills_ wearing Entice Balconette Bra and Goddess Chikini

Alexis is a model and influencer who started on the runways of New Orleans Fashion Week at the young age of 13. Continuing her modelling work from that early age even through her graduation from military college and through work in a corporate office, Alexis has since been able to build up her brand Maria Kills through her Instagram to follow her own unique path in the industry. She is a brand ambassador for Ondibu Hair and has been featured on the MTV show Wild ‘N Out. In her Instagram stories she has shared resources that shine light on the long history of racism in the fashion and influencer marketing industry.

June 05, 2020 — Skarlett Blue