We are all on a mission to improving our happiness and wellness. These two are essentially one in the same; like (organic) peanut butter and jelly. The question is how to achieve them and maintain them. What’s the secret recipe? We’re afraid there isn’t one, but we do have a crucial ingredient to help uncover your true happiness and state of mental wellness in your life. 

We aren’t talking about a vitamin or yoga pose this time. We are talking about putting pen to paper. As busy on-the-go women, we believe keeping a journal with you in your purse is a genius tool to keep yourself grounded. A wellness journal simply acts as a mechanism to release your thoughts. Journaling can become a therapeutic, healthy habit in order to destress where ever you go. Just as we write to discover ourselves and find clarity in our lives we also have access to reading others’ stories that are all on their own journey just like us with unique experiences to learn from.

Photo via @ceciliarenard

Photo via @ceciliarenard

Why do we write? Poet and activist Nellie Wong is a strong believer in the theory that writing and sharing your voice is essential to every woman’s wellness. Wong “…writes toward that identity, that affinity, that necessary self-affirming love.”  

To get the process going we encourage you to read the inspiring piece by Nellie Wong titled, In Search of the Self as Hero: Confetti of Voices, where she emphasizes the power writing has on every woman!

January 09, 2020 — Skarlett Blue