Show Sheer Who’s Boss

The Best Bras to Wear Under Your More Transparent Pieces

This summer, we’re all for sheer pieces that prove to be the breezy, breathable solutions for beating the heat. However, it’s the challenge of knowing just what to wear underneath these sheer pieces that often leads ladies to shy away from the lightweight, yet revealing trend. And while an undershirt is a viable and modest option to cover up underneath all that mesh, tulle, or lace, here at Skarlett Blue we’re of the mindset that you should love the skin you’re in— so it’s okay to show it off every once in a while! Here are some bra options that should be flaunted under all forms of sheer veils this summer.

A Not-So-Basic Basic

For when you’re feeling bold, but still prefer to be more subtle.

A One-Piece Wonder

A Pop of Print

A Lacy Trace of Something Special