If you hate bras it’s for good reason; too itchy, too restricting, and… the list goes on. We’ve got the anti-bra for all you haters. This style of bra was made to turn you into the unlined lover. Who is she? She thinks outside the lines. She embraces her femininity, unapologetically. She doesn’t give a care what trends are in if it doesn’t fit. She makes her own rules. We curated an unofficial Unlined Lovers Collection just for her. In which case, we haven’t lost you yet, we’re probably talking to you. And for those who are this girl one day and not the other, we got you too.

Unlined Lovers Collection:

The Indulge Wireless

Indulge Wireless Bra in Cashmere

Why she’ll love it: The two key words you were searching for; no wire.

The Minx Balconette

Minx Balconette Bra in Black

Why she’ll love it: This bra is our best seller, unlined lover or not, we can all agree on that.

The Empower Full Balconette Bra

Empower Balconette Bra in Black/Terra Cotta

Why she’ll love it: True to its name, you need this unlined if you prefer that full coverage look without uncomfortable padding.

The Entice Balconette Bra

Entice Balconette Bra in Nylon/Sheer

Why she’ll love it: The sexiest (subjectively) in the collection, light enough and just a hint of see through sheer lace. Peep the eyelash scalloped lace.

The Uptown Multi-Way Underwire Bra

Uptown Multi-Way Underwire Bra in Mod Leopard

Why she’ll love it: Supportive and breathable, the Uptown will become a fashion statement in your everyday wardrobe. Not to mention, the matching High-Rise Brief may be enough to need the bra just for the leopard bottoms.

Heartbreaker Unlined Underwire Bra

Heartbreaker Unlined Underwire Bra in Black

Why she’ll love it: We’ve already mentioned our sexiest unlined bra but now we are conflicted. Might delete later.

The Goddess Multi-Way Underwire Bra

Goddess Multi-Way Underwire Bra in Slate/Cashmere

Why she’ll love it: This bra is for your girl that’s like, “Why can’t I have sexy and comfy?” Enough said.

September 23, 2019 — Marketing Team