Customer Reviews

"Most comfortable bra I've ever had...Fits like a dream and is pretty too!" - Lindsay Veremis

"I love the fabric and the fit of the bra! It fits great with my boobs as if they are specially molded into my boob size. I love the soft and lightweight fabric and how it looks seamless when I have a tee on." - Annette Lo

"Love the design and great quality." - Irina Parker

"It's so soft and I wasn't expecting that." - Kristin Reveles

"Super comfortable! The T-Shirt Bra will be perfect for under my shirts, seems obvious but many don't work like they say they do!" - Lauren Wooten

"The material is such great quality, the fit is phenomenal and it feels amazing to touch!" - Kristina Young

"I'm getting married in October of this year and loved the bridal pieces from this brand!" - Taylor Stone

"I loved that they weren’t skimpy lingerie but actually beautifully designed pieces that are classy yet still sexy. Found out that the company was created by women so it makes sense!" - Courtney Osgood

"Absolutely loved the color and quality of the product. Very comfortable and well constructed." - Ashley Pasquale

"I love how the brand's goal is to make women feel confident wearing their lingerie and trust me I did!" - Aisha Konneh

"The quality is amazing and it will last me a very long time. Also the little details on the bra were stunning!" - Emily Breider

"It’s so comfortable I forgot I was even wearing a bra."- Sarah Carroll

"So soft and comfortable! I can tell it's quality product." - Olivia Lee

"The material, fit, and design exceeded my expectations." - Janette Dalidi

"Beautiful designs, SOFT fabrics, impeccable craftmanship!- Lisa Arhontidis