Things are definitely looking up this summer, and with our optimistic mindsets many of us are looking sky-high, too, as quenching the built-up wanderlust from the past year has finally become do-able again. That’s right, the option to travel (on planes, trains, and automobiles—but, most excitingly, on planes) is suddenly back on the table, leaving only the age old question: where in the world will you go? We’ve got our wings back, and we’re reeling to go. But pause for a second. There actually might be one other pressing travel question that you have forgotten about in your reprieve from far-from-home ventures: what will you wear to the airport and on those long, long flights?

This question holds very many levels for very many (wholly necessary) reasons. On one level, discussion of airfare ‘fits includes knowing how to look cute yet feel comfy, especially on those longer flights. On another level, it also includes knowing how many layers you should wear, and whether or not you can dress appropriately for your destination of choice and the climate of the area that you are leaving. Basically, planning a traveling outfit is almost a science at this point, and one that many of us are not very practiced at studying nowadays. But no need to fret! We’re here to help with what we think is the most essential part of any flying ensemble: your underwear. More specifically, your bra. A cute yet comfortable bra is truly what will give you the confidence boost to strut down that runway (or just through TSA), and it’s what will help provide you with the right support for those in-flight nap sessions. Here’s our list of the most nap-worthy yet outfit-making bras for flying those friendly skies again. Oh, the places you’ll go (comfortably, mind you, and always, always supported).

Wander Multi-Way Bralette

What could be a more appropriate pick for a travel bra than one that is literally named Wander? With everyday coverage and endless flexibility, this bralette is the perfect lightweight bra option for flying. It’s lined with stretch Jersey fabric and has no wires to dig into your skin when you’re trying to get comfortable in that cupboard-under-the-stairs-size economy seat. And, needless to say, it’s really, really, cute. Who can resist a bit of flirty, floral lace? An added plus: it’s made from repurposed leftover materials that would have otherwise been wasted. A true traveling treasure.

Plie Multi-Way Sport Bralette

Plie is simply made to be taken on the go. Inspired by the ease and movement of ballet leotards, Plie combines the comfort of a lightweight bralette with performance fabric to keep up with you as you swiftly make your way through TSA, to your gate, and up to the clear, blue skies. We recommend the style in Mod Leopard for that extra fierceness and alertness that you may want when you confidently stride to your place in line to board that plane to paradise.

Prestige Wireless Push-Up Bra

Prestige has the lightweight upper-hand of a bralette with the lift and support of a traditional push-up bra. And… wait for it… it’s completely wire-free. Air foam push-up pads provide that boost in most comfortable of ways, perfect for those travel ‘fits that flaunt your décolletage. Low-cut tank-top, anyone? Here’s to making air-travel sexy again.

Breathless Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra

For a more full-coverage travel pick, look no further than Breathless. The molded Nylon/Spandex cups of this second-skin T-Shirt bra will ensure that you’re always feeling supported through each of your layovers and that each layer of your airplane-fan-proof (those small gusts of wind can get quite chilly, no?) stays smooth. No more getting off of the plane looking rumpled and disgruntled. All beauty and grace here as you float off that flight.

Petal Multi-Way Cotton T-Shirt Bra

Lastly, this lightweight, everyday T-Shirt Bra is the travel bra option for those who are planning a quick-change upon your touchdown at your destination from airport-ready leggings to vacation-worthy ensembles. Because Petal is a T-Shirt bra, you’re sure to be snug and secure at those high elevations. However, elevated with naturally gorgeous lace trim, it’s also ready to be worn under your cutest slip dress for exploring the night-life in whichever city you’ve landed in. Voyaging with versatility.


July 02, 2021 — Skarlett Blue