There’s something about this magical piece of glass that taps into us like nothing else. You see your reflection that you either connect with or do not recognize. It’s like stepping on a scale and reading it as taboo. You are literally staring at yourself head on, at the person you have become. This is often an overwhelming experience, but we see power in that. Self-love starts with self-acceptance which is where our three key affirmations come into play especially when trying on lingerie.

Be Present: Take a moment and let any thought rush into your head. If you let yourself be vulnerable that means your opening yourself up to positivity that has the chance to fill your heart.

Heartbreaker Unlined Balconette Bra & Goddess Chikini in Plum Wine

Photo via @itsmariahmarie 

Be Honest: When you look in the mirror, not only do you see your physical body; you see what it has got you through. You don’t have to pretend everything is great and easy. Notice the curves and bumps that detail the lace laid on your skin. Those up and downs ultimately create a beautiful design.

Minx Balconette Bra in Intense Teal/French Lilac

Be Intentional: Put your affirmations into action. Go out into the world knowing that your foundation is strong from the trials you’ve overcame. When you feel good underneath, in lingerie you can live in, it reflects on the outside.

Glimpse Multi-Way T-Shirt Bra in Cashmere/Lt. Ivory

September 25, 2019 — Archetype Themes Collaborator