Photos via Gotham (Vogue) & Agolde

We’re sure you’ve seen it all over social media from celeb street style to Gigi Hadid’s latest and greatest Instagram posts. One truth is evident: low-rise jeans are making (a reluctant) comeback. *Cue horrified internal screaming.* Lots of fashion-world followers observing these jeans climb their way back into the mainstream from where we left them in 2007 are understandably hesitant to embrace them again with open arms. The much-revealing style certainly leaves much of the surface area on our body that many of us feel insecure about quite vulnerable. However, it’s no longer the early 2000s and low-rise jeans don’t necessarily have to be a trend that only supermodels wear to show off their killer abs and that the rest of us cower in fear from. We’re attempting to cultivate a world of body positivity and renewed and rooted self-confidence. Low-rise jeans, then, can just be another way for us to learn how to love the bodies that we were born in and show them off. If you’re still a bit reluctant to take this trend head-on, let us provide a bit of, shall we say, incentive. It’s hard to resist a low-cut pant style when your panties are just too cute to not show off. Here’s our list of pretty panties that you might not mind having a bit of a peek-a-boo moment with


If You Really Want Them To Show:

Goddess High-Rise Thong in Black (comes in 2 other colors!)

Out of all the panties on this list, this is the only one that would definitely feature in an outfit with any pants lower than mid-rise. The luxuriously high-reaching lace could essentially be an accessory in and of itself. Starting to turn on to the idea of low-rise jeans you say? Us too.



If You Want A Little *Pop* of Color:

Entice Thong in Vervain/Nylon (comes in 7 other colors!)

As opposed to the high-rise cut of the Goddess, these next few panties are leaning more within the realm of just-in-case. As in, just in case your low-rise jeans dip a little bit lower than you were expecting, wearing this flowery hue will make that peek seem oh-so intentional.


If You Want A Geometric Twist:

Bellisima French Bikini in White/Sterling (comes in 1 other color)

Even if the sweet and chic modern dot embroidery doesn’t show, the twisted, geometric side bands sit at the hips in a way that would definitely be a 2021 twist on the classic whale tail trend.



If You Want Some Star-Crossed Show-Through:

Infatuated Bikini in Pink Glow (comes in 1 other color)

Low-rise jeans are a fun and flirty trend, and these panties can match those levels in every which way. From the sheer star lace to the eye-catching color, this pair is certainly with you to take this returning fashion statement for the vibrant star that it is.

April 16, 2021 — Skarlett Blue