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J.Lo is constantly proving to us that her cool-chic style is a river that will never run dry, no matter the weather, no matter the season. In InStyle magazine’s May Beauty Issue, she did just that in her take on bringing WFH comfort into the spring sunshine. Her pairing of a strapless bustier top (an amped-up version of a bra top, in our opinion) with flowy trousers and the It-girl staple piece of the season (i.e. the oversized white button-down) is refreshing, to say the least. To say the most, however, it seems safe to say that most [read: all] of us are looking for ways to bridge the gap between the loungewear that we’ve become accustomed to these past few seasons and the put-together aura that we’re manifesting for the near future. With that in mind, J.Lo’s combo of billowy yet tailored pants and a flirty yet comfortable lingerie-as-outwear moment is something that we can totally get behind. This look says that we’re feeling the breeze and chilled-out vibes of late spring/early summer, but we also (finally) have plans and somewhere to be and photos to take in the warm weather. We’re taking our work (from home) looks and bringing them seaside. Grab your button-down, your favorite pair of like-sweatpants-but-not-quite trousers, and read on for our Skarlett Blue bra picks to complete your J.Lo-esque hot-girl summer look.

Siren T-Shirt Bra

From Left to Right: @stylesarah, @alinka_zaripova

Who can resist the comfort of a T-shirt bra elevated with sheer diamond lace? Siren is sure to be the perfect, sexy accent under your white, breezy top. And yeah, it looks good with denim, too.

Entice Balconette Bra

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Here, we submit our proof that lace absolutely belongs at the beach. Sexy and semi-sheer, Entice has the whisper-light and unapologetically feminine lace details that will just make your outfit. It pops as a particularly eye-catching moment when juxtaposed against the solid structure of the button-down and some gold bling.

Straight Laced Front Close T-Shirt Bra

From Left to Right: @jayeanddri, @jayeanddri

Nothing says “spring” more than fun and feminine florals, right? The floral lace cups of our Straight Laced Front Close T-Shirt Bra are sure to feature and get the free and easy-breezy vibes going for the warm weather months to come.

Empower Full Balconette Bra

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Lace? Check. Mesh? Check. Rose gold details? Check, check. Empower has it all and more. You can almost imagine the sunbathing moments that will happen in this bra to make your skin glitter and glow like your soul on the inside. That’s the empowerment we need going into this hot-girl summer.

*No longer available in Black.

Minx Balconette Bra

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The Minx Balconette Bra is a Skarlett Blue online favorite for a reason. With that, it just makes sense that it breaks the mold when it comes to this Spring/Summer outfit formula. From street-chic monochrome ensembles, to fits that switch the button-down for a structured blazer, to beach-ready blush-tones to accentuate your tan, this sexy unlined bra brings the comfort to follow wherever your stylings might lead you.





May 24, 2021 — Skarlett Blue