What could be worse than a six hour car ride with three rest stops, five passengers, and one uncomfortable bra? The answer is obvious: absolutely nothing. And when wearing absolutely nothing underneath your top is just not an option for your latest car ride adventure (we’re here for our support-loving sisters), what you need is a travel bra that doesn’t keep you squirming in your car seat from chafing or poking. Here’s our top picks for bras that are sure to be your new best friends next time when you are designated as a navigator and are fighting backseat drivers for the AUX chord. We’re on the road again, ladies. Keep your hands, arms, legs, and sanities inside the moving vehicle.

Side note: The ultimate key to comfort when it comes to bras is FIT! Check out our Bra Fit Check List to be extra sure that you are wearing the correct size and to guarantee that you are getting the best supportive fit for you.

Indulge Wireless Bra

When cramped in the limited space of a moving vehicle for several hours, the pain of a bra wire digging into your side is the last thing you want to worry about. With its criss-crossing triangular cups and wide bottom band, this wire-free bra can save you from your endless repositioning in the car seat whilst also providing the comfort and support that you need to relax and enjoy your journey. No wire, no problems, right?

Breathless Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra

Designed for all-day wear and that barely there feel, the molded cups of this bra disappear under all of your cute road-trip outfits (i.e. all of your t-shirt, tank, and bike short combos) and keep it all lightweight for sweat-free support when you want to drive with the top down, A.C. free. For a level up effortless flexibility with added versatility, try the Breathless Multi-Way Push-Up Bra with its convertible straps to pull that disappearing act with more of your travel wardrobe.

Bellisima Demi Underwire Bra

Whisper-light tulle, all-day comfort, and pretty dot embroidery? Check, check, and check! This simple, yet feminine bra is comfortable enough to keep up with jumping in and out of the car to take pictures with state and city signs, and cute enough to wear under your more highly-styled outfits once you get to your destination. We love a well-rounded gal.

Siren T-Shirt Bra

The ultimate not-basic basic. This upgraded t-shirt bra has all of the comfort and ease of a classic t-shirt bra with the added flair of sheer diamond lace and a scalloped edge neckline to keep you feeling your sexiest self on the road. Perfect for feeling polished, supported, and confident during your friendly carpool karaoke sessions (with or without video evidence) and for cozying up with your earphones (and a good travel playlist) to stare out the window at the moving terrain and pretend you are the protagonist in the latest coming-of-age movie.

Daydream Lounge Bra

Lastly, perhaps consider embracing the underwear-as-outwear trend and choose this wire-free option as a bra top the next time you’re out on the open road. Made with Peruvian cotton in a casual, yet flirty Henley style. Match this with your favorite pair of shorts, jeans, or leggings to create the cutest and comfiest look that you’ll want to document on all of your social media platforms. Seriously, from your Instagram stories to the road trip novel that you may write post-trip (we’re thinking beyond On the Road), this lounge bra is sure to be a piece that you’ll want to mention.

August 25, 2020 — Skarlett Blue