Whether you like to flaunt it or if it happens by mistake, bras often pop out to say hello. Some embrace it (sorry mom) and some see it as a fashion faux pas! One thing is for sure; we are seeing a lot of it this summer and foresee the “bra-peek-a-boo” as a reoccurring trend during seasons we want to show more skin. Layer it, twist it, flash it; we’re about to prove you wrong that showing your bra off is a statement and not suggestive with the help of these styling tips.
  1. Lace Bra + Sheer Top

It’s all about the details! Layer a lace or embroidered bra under a piece that adds the perfect amount of chic like a sheer blouse.

Shop the look: Amour T-Shirt Bra

Amour T-Shirt Bra in Honeymoon White/Oasis Blue


  1. Wear on Top

A bra with a little extra length in the band gives you the freedom to convert your sexy bustier into a daytime classic over a dainty long sleeve.

Shop the look: Rogue Low Back-Bustier

Rogue Low Back Bustier in Black


  1. Sexy Back

Multi-way bras are a subtle yet gorgeous option to highlight your back. The hardware and lace act like accessories to compliment your look as a whole.

Shop the Look: Glimpse Multi-Way Push-Up Bra

Glimpse Multi-Way Push-Up Bra in Black/Slate


  1. Add a blazer

The braless deep “v” blew up on Instagram. We’re taking a fresh take on that craze and throwing a blazer over a silky satin bustier.

Shop the look: Rogue Low Back-Bustier

Rogue Low Back Bustier in Black


  1. Show it all off!

Not all bras are meant to be concealed. Wireless bras allow you to wear them as a top itself.

Shop the look: Indulge Wireless Bra

Indulge Wireless Bra in Black

August 28, 2019 — Archetype Themes Collaborator