The Bra Fit Check List

So you found your size, you say? We have four more boxes your bra must tick to convince us it actually fits! Let’s put your bra to the test.

  1. Make sure the band lies parallel and evenly on your skin fully around. This is where most of your support comes from so, we can’t move on without checking this off the list first.
  2. Now check that your band is feeling snug on the loosest hook. Check?
  3. Move the straps about an inch to the side towards your shoulders. If the bra stays in place, check this box.
  4. Cups should lay smoothly on your bust. No gaps or spillage? We have a winner.

Beloved T-Shirt Bra in Black Front View Beloved T-Shirt Bra in Black Back View

So what if your bra failed the test? The first three checks are all about the band. If your band was too snug, try a band size up and a cup size down FIRST before sizing up on band and cup. This could be caused the distribution of weight. Vice versa, if the band is too loose, size down on the band and up in the cup.

For those who came all the way to the last check and found gaps, this means your cup is too large, so size down one cup. Spillage? Same thing, sister. Size those girls up.