We could go on all day explaining which style we’d pick for each and every occasion. However, we are not Beyoncé who makes three outfit changes a day, let alone our undergarments. Instead, we’re writing about ONE bra that’s rated on the top of our list to be worn throughout the entire day for your multi-faceted life, quite literally. We’re talking about the comfy morning bra, the practical bra during the day, and the bra sexy enough for night time all wrapped into one. Fitting for a woman living an on-the-go lifestyle, the Honey Multi-Way T-Shirt Bra is the bra we’d choose if we were stranded on a deserted island (aka if we could only own one bra). That’s a pretty bold statement and we’ll tell you why.

Sensual on skin: Honey, it’s named for the texture on your skin; smooth and comforting minus the sticky feeling of course because it is made with ultra-light fabrication! Your morning will never feel sweeter than this.

Honey Multi-Way T-Shirt Bra in Rosebud/Spiced Plum


Layers smoothly: Convertible straps make for practically two bras in one. Wear it cross back or straight back to layer under any ensemble and hide effortlessly under your clothing. The “t-shirt” aspect comes into play by adding a seamless look from its brushed hand feel of the cups.

Honey Multi-Way T-Shirt Bra in Rosebud/Spiced Plum X-Back View

Beautiful detailing: A tasteful amount of dramatic floral lace at the back gives this bra its starring moment. Unlike most lace being rough and scratchy, Honey is designed with stretch lace with a plush finish.

Honey Multi-Way T-Shirt Bra in Rosebud/Spiced Plum

September 05, 2019 — Archetype Themes Collaborator